Tips for a Pest-Free Home During Spring Time

As the flowers start to bloom as well as the weather condition takes a good turn, property owners will begin to make a list to help them deal with the spring cleaning. One tip for a cleaning project in spring season is for property owners to be sure to incorporate appropriate pest-proofing into their thorough clean during the spring season with the help of professional Pest control services Fisher, IN.

Pest Control Services Fisher IN

Even though summer pests may be like just a headache, warm weather invaders such as termites and flies can pose serious risks to property and people alike. In order to make sure that your house is well-prepared for the upcoming spring, the following are some of the pests which could lead to issues during warm weather conditions and how to get rid of them:


Ticks pose serious threats to the health of animals and humans, as well, as they are well-known for transmitting diseases like the Lyme disease and the Rocky Mountain spotted fever. As a matter of fact, these pests basically hide out in shrubbery or tall grasses and alongside trails or roads waiting for a target host to pass by, so you should make sure that your yard is always mowed and maintained.

It is also very essential that you get rid of these ticks the moment they are seen on a human body to decrease the possibility of contracting a disease. In addition to that, you can also reduce the possibility of bringing them into your house by wearing pants and long sleeves when outside your house, and insect repellent with high concentration.


While fleas are well-known for irritating pets such as dogs and cats, these harmful pests can bite as well as transmit diseases to human beings. Aside from that, this type of pests can transmit tape worms as well as a rare bubonic plague to pets, and also cause allergic dermatitis to their hosts. The best recommendation for this is to keep your home clean all of the time by frequently washing and vacuuming bed linens on a regular basis.

Lawns, yards and outdoors must also be kept groomed because these pests prefer to thrive in high grasses. Fleas basically travel with mice, so get rid of the rodent harborage sites like overgrown trees or shrubs. Owners of pets must also perform flea examinations after their pets have outdoors, groom and bathe them frequently and visit your veterinarian yearly.


Termites start to appear in early spring time when the weather condition gets hotter, putting property owners at high risks. Subterranean termites are popular to cause high damage because of their saw-toothed jaws. Formosan termites, on the other hand, are the most aggressive of them all which wreak havoc and reproduce very quick. Look to decrease moisture and humidity buildup around your house through proper ventilation of basements, crawl spaces and attics in order to avoid drawing termite swarms near. Also, store the excess wood at least twenty feet away from your house as well as keeping mulch at least fifteen inches from the home foundation is a great way to keep the termites out.

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