Pest Control Recommendations When Purchasing a New House

Few things are much more exciting than buying a new house and in order to make sure that the process goes your way, certain methods should be taken. Aside from the cosmetic updates you would want to do to your new home, it is very essential to consider any issues which may not be noticeable to the human eye. One such issue is the infestation of termites. This is the reason why a new house pest inspection should take place.

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Termites, commonly known as the silent destroyers for their capability to chew through wood in large amount, wallpaper and even flooring unnoticed, caused more or less five billion dollars in property damage every year, that is basically not covered by the insurance policy of homeowners. Prior to signing the contract, potential home buyers must always ask for a professional termite inspection, also known as the wood destroying organism inspection, by a professional and highly reputable pest control service provider to prevent getting stuck with expensive repairs after the agreement has been completed.

While the regular home inspection assesses the home structure physically from the foundation to the roof, the professional termite new home inspection pays closer attention on determining the obvious signs of termite damage, and the conditions conducive to termite infestations such as moisture, crevices, and cracks. Once done, the professional pest control service provider will show a report pertaining to the new home pest control project and suggest a course of action to be done. When touring a new house, professionals suggest to watch out for the signs which could mean an infestation of termites such as:

1. Discarded wings on windowsills or near doors indicating pests have penetrated your house

2. Small piles of feces which resemble sawdust close to the termite nest

3. Soft wood in the house which sounds hollow when tapped

4. Mud tubes (used by the termites for their source of food) outside of your home

Having said that, it is very vital that potential homebuyers are aware of the current situations which could be attracting the termites to your house. When going over a residential property, the following are some additional factors to watch out for, as well as how to diminish the effects should you decide to buy the property:


A lot of homeowners keep the firewood stacked against their houses for easy access. This can actually attract termites toward your house and give them the chance to penetrate through.

Tip: Keep woodpiles and firewood at least twenty feet away from your house and store them on a five-inched platform.


Termites are usually attracted to wet environment and a clogged gutter system can cause pooling of water.

Tip: Re-route rainwater from the foundation using down-spout extenders. Install splash blocks in order to inhibit water from pooling.


Rotting wood may serve as a termite fuel and result in termites penetrating through your home eventually.

Tip: Have a professional pest control service like Pest control service Greenwood, IN help you get rid of the excess wood from your home.

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