Basic Steps on How 3PLs Work

What do you know about third party logistics? Is it really something important? What is the role it plays in the business industry? Does the chain of supply management able to run without it with ease?  

There can be a lot of questions as to how significant a third party logistic can be however one will not comprehend this significance without really knowing what is a third-party logistics. 

So, what is a third-party logistics and how does it work? 

The basic role of third-party logistics is how it can provide a supply integration between operations involving warehousing and how products can be easily transported. 

You might be wondering how the steps go when you add an item to a cart and submit that order online? Here are things that is involved in the process. 

  1. Receive: When it comes to 3PL, this step means the order has been accepted and is being stored. There are certain ways every 3PL follows when it comes to receiving the order and storing it. Most often, a form is filled out to know the products that will be received in the warehouse and the number of items involved. This process can help in doing an inventory more efficiently. 
  1. Warehouse: When an inventory has been done, the items are stored in fulfillment centers. Every item has its own storage for a better way of tracking where a certain order is. Sometimes, products even involve some special care when it comes to temperature dependence. 
  1. Pick up: Every 3PL has their own way of managing orders, some has an older system of manual upload and some are on top of their tech game to better help the clients efficiently. The order will then be assigned to a team that will pick this order up at the location provided. 
  1. Pack: Once an item has been picked up, packing of items to be shipped is the net priority. The packaging will depend mostly on the items involved and sometimes when a brand is involved, a certain packaging is applied. There are many types of packaging, some may involve bubble wraps, especially for the ones that need extra care, some bags made of polyethylene, packaging tapes and some boxes that has no brand attachment. Sometimes when there is a limitation to weight and dimension of packaging involved, 3PLs optimize your packages to help you let go of shipment problems.  
  1. Ship: Shipping labels are important however most of the time, it won’t be much hassle for you because 3PLs already print the shipping labels for your convenience. While some 3PLs have their specified carriers, some help you in choosing the cost of shipping involved, through this, it can help you have a more cost-effective business.  


After the shipping you’ll then be able to see where your items are through tracking tabs found on the site you are in. It might sound a bit complicated but 3PLs actually makes things easier for you. So, if you ever find the need to simplify your business, Canada QRC logistics will take care of you. Check on them through and make your business much easier to handle.